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Dark Eden: A Novel

Dark Eden: A Novel - Chris Beckett source: http://thefaultinourblogs.blogspot.com

Holy Michael's names, this book! I was expecting some heart-warming philosophical novel when I picked it up, based off the reviews on the cover. The cover is gorgeous, by the way. It's iridescent. What I found was an imaginative world, and the story of its beginning.

This is the Adam and Eve story of another planet, Eden, where humans from Earth have settled and created Family. This is not a happy book. It's also pretty hard science fiction, based on my normal palette of books. What I'm dying for after finishing Dark Eden is a book club discussion or lecture series - it's that complex. There's SO much to take apart within its pages. Some topics of discussion would be Religious Undertones, Storytelling, Inventions and Inventors, and Colonization, to name only a few. I have a theory about Eden's origin story too, that I'll admit I want to talk about with some others who've read the book! This was kind of a difficult read for me, though, probably because I don't have much experience reading science fiction. I wouldn't say that I enjoyed reading it, but rather I enjoyed thinking about it.