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Betwixt - Tara Bray Smith Betwixt by Tara Bray Smith is one of those exemplary YA novels that reads with the richness of an adult novel. The character voices drew me in from the beginning, making me want to read more and more. It's quite a lengthy book, but I read it in about 3 days. Once I got into it, I couldn't put it down. It's about teens in Portland, Oregon who have always known they were... different. Betwixt is a coming-of-age story with a paranormal twist. That being said, Smith build up to the "reveal" incredibly. I was reading so fast to discover what was really going on with these kids, but I felt like the story that followed was lackluster in comparison. I was confused by a bunch of details, but read on, lodging them in the back of my mind, hoping to understand them later, like a lost punchline. Some of them, I did, or speculated about, but others were so lost. I still don't really know what happened in the last half of the book. I couldn't describe the plot points if I tried. Published in 2007 though, I recognize that this was one of the first pioneers of the YA paranormal genre, so it can't have been easy to write. This is a very well written mediocre book.