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The Unnamed

The Unnamed - Joshua Ferris The Unnamed by Joshua Ferris is about Tim and his family (a wife and daughter) coping with Tim's unnamed disease that makes him walk. And not stop until the disease lets him. Then he's so tired that he falls asleep on the spot. Basically, think Forrest Gump's run across America, except sadder. Oh boy, is this a sad one. I mean, the disease uproots all of Tim's life when it hits, and he doesn't have a choice, so it's to be expected. The characters all responded in very clear, motivated ways, so the book basically played itself out. It's one of those books where you read the next paragraph and you're like, "Why didn't I guess that would happen?" Ferris is a very good writer.
His most incredible passages, as one reviewer on the back cover blurbs remarked, occur in the last leg of the novel. At one point, a sentence had me flying through my kitchen looking for a pen to mark it before I turned the page. The Unnamed had me doing some serious soul-searching when I was reading it. After I finished it, I sat holding it to my stomach and just thought about "the soul" for a while. Ferris does a good job handling unanswerable questions and unnamed diseases. I highly recommend this one.