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Light Boxes

Light Boxes - Shane Jones This one was on sale at my favorite bookstore, and after reading the blurb I decided to pick up the cute little volume and have a go. The story is about a town perpetually stuck in February, who is also a character in the book. The surreal mood of the book confused me a little bit because I wasn't sure what was going on with the whole February is a person and there's a hole in the sky thing. I really liked the writing though, and in parts it took on a poetic tone. I got through the whole book in one sitting, and I think I might read it again to see what I think of it now that I know what to expect. I will say though, that I'm glad that I was in a good mood when I started reading it, because it is pretty sad at the beginning. The mystery and feel of the book reminded me consistently of the Welcome to Night Vale podcast, of which I'm a fan. Come to think about it, that may be why I liked this little one so much!