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Girl with Glass Feet

Girl with Glass Feet - Ali Shaw This was an interesting one. On an island where a creature is said to exist, in legends, that turns everything it looks at pure white, a girl finds herself with an unusual predicament - her feet are turning into glass, and that glass is creeping further and further up her body. Paired with an introverted photographer, she seeks answers and soon finds that she is not the only case the island has seen. This is another book with a "magical" feel to it. I was surprised at the intricacies of family background and baggage Shaw went into with her characters. She describes the island so darkly and so deeply that there can be no question as to whether there's a magical element at play. I was particularly fond of the child character Denver, who was spewing insights she couldn't possibly realize were remarkable to adults, because her fresh eyes could see so much clearer. The ending to this book was like a glass rod through my heart.