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Flight Behavior

Flight Behavior - Barbara Kingsolver http://thefaultinourblogs.blogspot.com

Well, Kingsolver's writing style stretched this one out to two weeks for me to get through. That's not a bad thing, I'm kind of glad I took my time to get through it because Kingsolver is such an adept writer. Her rich, dense, nuanced, prose is a feat of nature in itself. The book is about a flock of thousands of butterflies that descends upon a modern rural southern town. The characters were incredible, really. Our protagonist had obvious character flaws, especially at the beginning, which I think is a nice realistic touch. My favorite, though, was her son! What a cutie! One of the main themes is money and class divides. There's one scene that I keep lingering on every time I go to the store - Dellarobia is shopping at a thrift store and finds herself finally able to buy necessities for her home. Sheets? Clothes for the kids? Done. The place is a miracle for her, but as she's shopping she watches the college kids of the town doing their shopping. Hipsters, to be blunt. They're buying the decades-old clothes to make a "statement," but Dellarobia is at the thrift store because she can't afford to shop anywhere else. The depiction of the Turnbow farm life, living season to season, paycheck to paycheck, is eloquent and tasteful. Kingsolver weaves this tale with great skill. The only problem I had with the book was the slow plot in some places.