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NW - Zadie Smith I picked this up because White Teeth is one of my favorite books in the world. I greatly admire Zadie Smith as an author and intellectual and NW fits right in with her style. Written in sections of narratives from different perspectives, she weaves several individuals together in ways I never saw coming. She explores motifs of race, time, and academia with eloquence and grace, making this novel a win for me. The theme of "roots" is a recurring one from White Teeth, and the messages Smith writes are ones that really hit home. She has a way with words that gets you thinking as you admire the turns of phrase. Overall though, I would say that I liked White Teeth better. I can see stylistic and narrative improvements in her writing within NW, but I liked the characters in White Teeth better. The books are very different from each other, but of course I enjoyed them both.